Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Doctor Who OC: The Secrets Of The City - Fan Fic Info

Hey guys I have given up on writing Fateful Beginnings and have put The Adventures Of Georgie to one side to write this one: The Secrets Of The City. Check out one of the Book covers and the plot below:

The Doctor arrives in an 'English' town called 'Freybridge' at first, everything seems normal until everything he mentions no one has any knowledge of. With a little help from a curious young woman named Alexa, The Doctor sets of to find out why or how the town has not only been cut off from the next, but also cut off from time..

Alexa is Portrayed by Evanna Lynch

more coming soon!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

X-MEN: Silver Shadow - Chapter 2: Denial & Pain

XMEN: Silver Shadow

Denial & Pain

Next thing I know I’m lying on a sort of comfy bed in the nurses office, I must have passed out, not again I said to myself groaning, I could her chuckling at the side of me, “well, you do have a flair for the dramatic, guess it runs in the family.” I heard, I knew who it was instantly “thanks for putting it bluntly Liv!” I sighed gently. I really don’t think that girl has a filter, sometimes I think it’s a good thing we are blood related.. Well no not really I think I’d miss her too much. I tried to get up and insist that I was fine, but the nurse came back and insisted that I lay still. Whilst lying there, I became even less convinced that what I saw had anything to do with my dad. I mean the guy works in banking, not that I ever asked him what he actually does for his job, but mum.. Now her job is much more interesting… She works as a martial arts trainer, she teaches at the local gym. She must have been learning herself for many years as I’ve seen her teaching a few times growing up, it’s amazing.

Well to say the drive home from school was quiet, would be an understatement, I swear you could hear a pin drop, I don’t think any of my friends could think of what to say. I had already dropped Olivia at my aunts, which in her case is home so now I was left with my 2 friends Sarah and Samantha, not twins just sisters, just to clear that up. But that’s when it went silent. As I pulled up to their house, I don’t think I even got a see you tomorrow. So I carried on my journey home, I was on food duty tonight as mum was going to be late and dad doesn’t get home till after 5pm and right now it was only 3.30pm. All of a sudden a bright light flashed before my eyes and blinded me, my head was pounding… why does this have to happen now, the pain is a lot more intense than last time and this has happened ever since I was 10. The pain suddenly ended and I had to swerve the car to get it back on the road, at least that was over, well that’s what I thought.

I arrived home less than 10 minutes later, feeling completely drained. I walk in the front door and set my bag down by the wall and walked into the living room. There were mum and dad waiting for me to enter like I was about to be interrogated by the feds! I mean all I did was faint. But here we go….

I walked into the room and sat down in the closest chair to the door there was, so I could make a quick escape if necessary. “So… I’m home… did you want to talk to me?” I asked them, “Sorry honey but this is an important conversation, we just don‘t quite know how to put it” my mum replied, “look if this is to do with me fainting at school, I couldn’t help it, I hadn’t had much to drink and….” I replied rambling, my parents didn’t seem to know that I saw them glance at each other and then physically relax, then my dad said “that’s ok honey, we were rather worried it was something else, but make sure you drink plenty next time.” Ok now I’m feeling suspicious.

NOTE: This chapter was written entirely by me, the next one will be written by me friend. I can no longer link her in as she is not longer on DeviantArt.

Also apologies for the very late upload!


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Silver Shadow Updates!

Hey guys! i'm back!

Just a quick update to let you know that Silver Shadow is being updated again! (cheers!) anyway I will be posting chapter 2 very soon! Keep an eye out for it!


Friday, March 22, 2013

XMEN: Silver Shadow Official Soundtrack CD Cover

I have made 2 CD Covers for my fanfiction Silver Shadow. This is so we have a soundtrack to go with it... anyway i'm only posting 1 now as the other is the Extended Edition and will be posted with extra tracks.

The Tracklisting to go with it is as follows..


1.Dark Side - Kelly Clarkson

2.Bounce Back - Charice

3.Renegade - Paramore

4.People Like Us - Kelly Clarkson

5.Metamorphosis - Hilary Duff

6.Meddle - Little Boots

7.Got Dynamite - Demi Lovato

8.One Day - Charice

9.Daring To Be Different - Everlife

10.In A Second - Aly & AJ (now 78violet)

11.Now - Paramore

12.Break You Hard - Natalia Kills

13.Keep holding On - Avril Lavigne

14.Now Or Never - Everlife

I Hope you like it!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

XMEN: Silver Shadow Poster [Fanmade]

Hey all! Here is a poster created for Silver Shadow! i'm currently working on Chapter 4 before releasing Chapter 2! So here is something to get you excited!

 Hope you like! There will be one for each story :)


Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Adventures Of Georgie - New Poster!

Hey guys! i've been a little busy/ obsessed with the Doctor Who Christmas special amongst other things... But here is a new design i've made with the Doc and Georgie!

I hope you like it! The story will hopefully be getting of the ground soon.. so watch this space!


Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Adventures Of Georgie Book Cover

Hey Guys i've finally made a book cover for the story The Adventures Of Georgie. It took a while to get right as the logo didn't fit anywhere but the top! The Story will feature the Ninth Doctor but he didn't fit on the cover :(

You can also find this in the side bar! I hope you like it!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Adventures Of Georgie - Upcoming Fanfic

So I designed this as a replacement story to my upcoming Doctor Who fan fiction Skye is the Limit... That story was set in 2025 in Ireland (i think...) anyway as that one was going to worked on with someone else.... I decided to create a new one.

"The Adventures Of Georgie" - Now it still need work as I can't think of a plot yet... I feel that this may be set in another country like America, Canada or Australia. and it may only be set a year or 2 in the future instead of 2025... anyway we will see...

It will be an OC fanfic and will feature the 9th Doctor & new companion (my OC) Georgie - portrayed by Lily Collins.


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