Friday, July 6, 2012

Doctor Who OC: Fateful Beginnings - Chapter 2

Out of Place

By the end of the lesson Summers head was swimming with questions… beginning with just who was this Mr Smith and how did he get to school before she did considering he was walking in the opposite direction. She snapped out of her thoughts after realizing that Jess was talking to her. "…we could all together; we could meet up outside beforehand. What do you think? Can you come?" of course being in a daze meant she missed half conversation. "Sorry where we going and who's coming?" Jess shook her head and smiled "Was thinking of cinema… you know… so I can meet Zach…" Ahh yes… Zach the boyfriend Summer thought, I'm basically there to make her look good. "Sure, i'll come what time do I have to be there?" Summer asked Jess, "Say about 6pm? I think the movie starts at like 6.30pm.." was the reply. "ok, I better get to my next class see you later!" Summer said quickly before she had to hear more about the "fabulous" Zach.

After arriving at her next class 5 minutes early she sat down at her seat expecting her usual teacher Mr Daniels, to come through the door, when instead comes a very different teacher. He is dressed very smartly which is a little odd for the attire that the teachers normally wear, he looks like he is dressed to attend a wedding or a high class function. There is no doubt about it he looks extremely out of place, especially with the way he spoke, she noticed this from the first words he spoke "Hello my name is Mr Acklin." Whilst most of the girls in the class decide to "check him out" so to speak, Summer just wanted to get on with the day.

By the end of the day Summer had a pounding headache. After having lessons with two very odd teachers she was about ready to scream. Speaking of teachers... Summer watched as Mr Acklin went walking down the corridor, occasionally glancing in her direction. She was rather creeped out by now as he had been doing that most of the day. Well since she had seen him in her lesson anyway. She turned around to leave the building so she could get ready to meet her friends later, when she walked straight into a brown trench coat which was worn by the mysterious Mr Smith. "We have to stop meeting like this!" he jokily replied after stopping her from falling to the ground. "yeah… sorry" came Summers reply. "ah don't worry about it! No harm done!" he said grinning wildly. After that Summer had a big case of Déjà vu as she watched his retreating form down the corridor.

Chapter 3 to be uploaded soon!


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