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X-MEN:Silver Shadow - Chapter 1: The Beginning

Xmen: Silver Shadow

The Beginning

You know how people always say, life is full of surprises? Well that would probably be a very big understatement. You see, I always thought my life was pretty normal for an 18 year old, high school student, but in the back of my mind I always thought I was meant to be part of something special, just like my parents always told me… little did I know then, how special I was…

Anyway, where to start… I guess the beginning.. Although not the beginning of my life. So, my name.. I guess that’s as a good a place as any. My name is Darcey. I’m 19 years old, as of two days ago. The story start a year ago. I was a senior at my local high school. I was never part of the popular crowd, more of an observer, of course I had a few friends, but I was closest to my cousin Olivia. Little did I know this would become a very good thing. I have a pale complexion, long dark brown hair, my eyes are bright blue, they have been gradually getting brighter since my tenth birthday. The reason for this will be told soon enough.

It was a normal day. I woke up, got dressed, and had breakfast. I picked up Olivia and together we went to school. It was a normal day until third band Spanish, the last class before lunch, Olivia and I walked into class together and immediately headed for the back. In the oncoming summer heat the only escape from the pressing blanket of hot air was to sit in the last seat near the windows lining the back wall and make pathetic paper fans out of the home work Mrs. Marone handed us.

But instead of the usual tiny woman spouting a language that, still, in four years hardly any of us understood, a tall man with short red spiky hair came in and looked around. Nudging me, Olivia grinned. “Darcey-We have a sub.” She hissed. I looked up from my doodles of a girl falling through a marble floor in a ball gown. “Kinda cute?” “Um, no.” I whispered back, going back to drawing. “Sorry, Liv.”

“So can anyone tell me what this is, in Spanish of course.” He called to the class pulling up a slide on the school smart board of a dancers covered with white paint, faces made to look like skulls. Mary Colman raised her hand.

“Is it a vaca?” The class laughed. “No.” He pulled up another side. “Anyone else?” “A bueno time.” Olivia called. She made little Cha-Cha movements with her hands and I snorted. Olivia was amazing. "Sure." The red head sighed. "Let's go with that one. How about this." He pulled up the next slide. He went through three more. Again he asked and again only Olivia, Mary, or Sadie-our local barbie-answered. That is until he reached the sixth.

"So, what about this one?" He asked leaning against the desk. I looked up as the class room went completely silent. On the screen stood a man, body completely covered in in what looked like a silver coating. Eyes stared from the picture, dark and cold. My pencil slipped from my fingers and hit the floor with a clatter. "Darce? Darcey?!" I looked at the picture, body numbing. Olivia's words faded from me bouncing off my ears. The man on the screen seemed to look at me and I couldn't breathe, I couldn't think. All I could say was one thing…. "Daddy?"

NOTE: half of this chapter was written with the lovely i-am-the-badwolf


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