Monday, May 28, 2012

Doctor Who OC:Fateful Beginnings - Chapter 1

Doctor Who OC:Fateful Beginnings

Another Ordinary Morning?

After what she thinks is an early wakeup call from the sunlight streaming in though her window, Summer decides to bury her head in her pillow, just as she starts to drift there is a loud bang on her door followed by "SUMMER get up now or you will be late for school!" courtesy of her mum. After a short protest she gets up and wanders over to her wardrobe… She picks out her outfit for the day which includes a leather jacket, t shirt, jeans and a pair of trainers as for no apparent reason she has a feeling she will be glad of them by the end of the day.

On her walk to school she realizes that this is the last day before the school breaks up for a 2 week break. Over which time she will celebrate her birthday. It make her wonder why she was named Summer when she was born in the spring. Whilst being so deep in thought she failed to notice the man in front of her… SMACK! "OUCH!" she complained as she picks herself up off the floor, "I'm so sorry I never look where I'm going!" she rambles to the man in front of her. He just smiles and says "no harm done!" and continues on his merry way. Whilst he walks away she notices his attire. A Brown trench coat and what look like a dark brown pinstripe suit with white converse. Not your average business man that's for sure….. She quickly looks at her phone to check the time and curses under breath after realizing if she doesn't hurry she's going to be late.

As Summer ran into her class and sat down at her desk in her lesson, looking forward to the holiday which begins at the end of the day, she looked up at the clock at the far corner of the room, just made it she thought to herself, then her friend Jess, turned back to her and asked her where she had been, "oh i over slept" replied Summer, "we've got a supply teacher" said Jess, and Summers head slowly came out from under her bag as she was trying to get her book, "how d'you know?" asked summer, "well look at him" replied jess, summer took her head out and looked directly at the teacher and he gave a cheeky wink to summer, it was the same man she literally walked into in the street. For the first time she actually notices his features, slightly messy brown hair and dark brown eyes with a mixture of a cheeky yet mysterious glint in them. "Hello I am Mr Smith, I am your cover teacher for today."

Chapter 2 to be posted soon!


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